A National Bell Register

Available here are lists of bells in the forty-three dioceses of the Church of England. All churches containing 0 or more bells are included; as such the lists are intended to complement the Dove database, rather than compete with it.
The data has been collected from a wide range of sources, and inevitably will not be completely accurate. Corrections are welcome and can be sent to me using the email link (do not forget to alter it!) on the main page, and may I thank those who have already been so helpful in this respect.

There are currently 63,790 entries on the register (as at May 2011). 
All the recent (2013) additions to the CBC's Lists of Bells of Historic Importance have now been included.
With the reorganisation of some Yorkshire Dioceses the Dioceses of Wakefield & Bradford will be absorbed into the new Diocese of West Yorkshire & the Dales. For the moment the Lists below will not reflect that change.

Substantially complete lists:

    • Diocese of Bath and Wells
    • Diocese of Birmingham
    • Diocese of Blackburn
    • Diocese of Bradford
    • Diocese of Bristol
    • Diocese of Canterbury
    • Diocese of Carlisle
    • Diocese of Chelmsford
    • Diocese of Chester
    • Diocese of Chichester
    • Diocese of Coventry
    • Diocese of Derby
    • Diocese of Durham
    • Diocese of Ely
    • Diocese of Exeter
    • Diocese of Gloucester
    • Diocese of Guildford
    • Diocese of Hereford
    • Diocese of Leicester
    • Diocese of Lichfield
    • Diocese of Lincoln
    • Diocese of Liverpool
    • Diocese of London
    • Diocese of Manchester
    • Diocese of Newcastle
    • Diocese of Norwich
    • Diocese of Oxford
    • Diocese of Peterborough
    • Diocese of Portsmouth
    • Diocese of Ripon and Leeds
    • Diocese of Rochester
    • Diocese of Salisbury
    • Diocese of Sheffield
    • Diocese of Sodor and Man
    • Diocese of Southwark
    • Diocese of Southwell and Nottingham
    • Diocese of St Albans
    • Diocese of St Edmundsbury and Ipswich
    • Diocese of Truro
    • Diocese of Wakefield
    • Diocese of Winchester
    • Diocese of Worcester
    • Diocese of York

The list of church bells in Wales is also available, but is less complete than the English Registers.
This list covers all the Dioceses in the Principality:
    • All Wales List

Roman Catholic churches
 A list has been prepared, by Geoff Pick of Cannock, of all RC churches in England and Wales.
    • RC churches

Nonconformist chapels in England
Courtesy of Dr Len Smith an Index of chapel bells is available
    • Nonconformist chapels

Lists are being prepared for all the Scottish churches.

    • Scottish Episcopal churches
    • Scottish RC churches
    • Scottish Presbyterian churches

Further work by Geoff Pick of Cannock has produced a Lists for the Churches in Ireland. 
   * Church of Ireland
   * Roman Catholic churches in Ireland

and NEW:
    Presbyterian Church of Ireland