Church Bells of Derbyshire (George A Dawson and Patricia A M Halls)
Part 1. Aldercar to Duffield
104 pages --- £10.00 --- ISBN 0 9524775 4 8
Also includes 20 pages of founders marks.
Part 2. Earl Sterndale to Norton
104 pages --- £10.00 --- ISBN 0 9524775 6 4
Part 3. Oakwood to Youlgreave and Founders
125 pages --- £10.00 --- ISBN 0 9524775 7 2

Church Bells of Nottinghamshire (George A Dawson)
Part 1. Adbolton to Forest Town
78 pages --- £7.00 --- ISBN 0 9524775 0 5
Also includes 15 pages of founders marks.
Part 2. Gamston to Nuthall
91 pages --- £10.00 --- ISBN 0 9524775 1 3
Part 3. Oldcotes to Wyverton
96 pages --- £11.00 --- ISBN 0 9524775 2 1
Part 4. The Bellfounders
175 pages--- £18.00 ---- ISBN 0 9524775 4 8

A special offer
All four parts are available for the price of £30 including postage

Church Bells of the Sheffield Diocese (George A Dawson)
151 pages --- £15.00 --- ISBN 0 9524775 5 6
Also includes 10 pages of founders marks.

Church Bells of Yorkshire, Diocese of York
Part 1. The East Riding (George A Dawson)
302 pages --- £30.00 --- ISBN 0 9524775 8 0 
Part 2. The North Riding (Ranald Clouston)
A CD of all Ranald's notes is now available. The data is supplemented with information from later research.
CD --- £15.00
Part 3. The City and Ainsty (David Bryant and George Dawson)
CD --- £15.00

Church Bells of the former Diocese of Bradford in the County of Yorkshire (George A Dawson & John Greenhough)
166 pages--£25.00.. ISBN 0 9524775 9 9

Now sold out:
Lincolnshire Bells and Bellfounders (edited by John R Ketteringham)
from the researches of George Dawson and others
370 pages --- £35.00 --- ISBN 0 9512738 6 8
The reprint has also sold out.

These books are comprehensive catalogues of the bells in Church of England Churches, together with other bells of interest in the relevant area. For each church, as much archive material as could be found is included.
The churches of the county are listed in alphabetical order with inscriptions, founders marks and diameters, and where known, the weights of the bells. Brief details of the mode of hanging are given. 
Much information has been derived from the business archives of Messrs Taylor and Co. and the Whitechapel Bellfoundry and I am most grateful to them for permission to publish that data.

Copies may be obtained from the publisher, George Dawson, via the email link on the main page.
The updates for the above books can be downloaded for free by clicking on the links below.

Church Bells of Derbyshire

Church Bells of Nottinghamshire

Church Bells of Sheffield Diocese

Church Bells of Bradford Diocese

Church Bells of Yorkshire, East Riding

Church Bells of Yorkshire, North Riding

Church Bells of Yorkshire, City & Ainsty

Lincolnshire Bells and Bellfounders - since Johns death I have been collecting updates.

Publications by other authors:

Time in Rutland - The authors of this work have agreed that this site can host Addenda.

Towers & Bells of Devon - The late John Scott had kindly agreed to the publication of the Addenda data-sheets to this work, and James Clarke continues to provide them.

The Bells and Belfries of Dorset - Since Christopher Dalton's death Chris Pickford has co-ordinated the Addenda & updates to the volumes.

Books by the late Frederick Sharpe - The Sharpe Trust website has updates for his books at:

Other "difficult to get hold of" publications available as CDs

Bell Towers and Bell Hanging, an appeal to Architects
In 1914 Sir Arthur P Heywood published this definitive work on good practice in bell hanging. It sets out good practice in the design of modern towers, bell hanging, and clearly shows the errors which uninformed architects and bell-hangers were using. Even today some of these fallacious ideas are perpetrated with disastrous results for those left to ring the bells.
The book has long been out of print, and copies are extremely difficult to find; to help this situation a CD has been produced which has the book scanned as a .pdf file.
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The Bell; Its Origin, History & Uses, by Rev Alfred Gatty, Vicar of Ecclesfield, M. A.
This book was originally published in 1848, was one of the very first books devoted to the bell published in England. 
The six chapters deal with:
  The Origins and Antiquity of the Bell
  Church Bells and their Baptism—Mode of Casting Bells
  Associations connected with Bells—Statistics of celebrated Bells
  Chimes—Carillons—and Peal Ringing
  Various Uses of Church Bells
  Various Modern Uses of Small Bells
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Curiosities of the Belfry, by J Potter Briscoe, Chief Librarian of Nottingham Public Library.
In 1883 the chief Librarian of the Nottingham Public Library published this small volume of 156 pages. It is a collection of odds and ends of all things campanological, dedicated to Thomas North, author of many county books on Church Bells in the Midlands.
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The processing of these books into electronic format has been undertaken by a good friend. If you have any computing requirements of this nature please contact me.