Articles - England
Beverley Minster - The Evolution of the Current Ring of Ten Bells

William Dobson's foreign bells
(Bellfounder of Downham)

William Doubleday Crofts
Ringer of Nottingham - A Reappraisal

The Tony Clayton Collection of Bell Photographs

The origins of the Stamford foundry and the Norrises

Joseph Smith of Edgbaston, Bellfounder & some of his rings

The Wood Family of Bellfounders at Thirsk

Richard (H)Oldfield of Cambridge, Robert Oldfield of Hertford & their connection with the Nottingham Oldfields

The First Cast Iron Bellframe?

Laneham, the earliest working bellframe with cast iron components

An Index of Known Naylor Vickers Bells
The original list, replaced at the end of 2017 due to file corruption, is available here.

Bells of different materials

The Holme Cultram bell of 1462

Tubular Bells, a list of the known work of Harrington Latham of Coventry - the work of Chris Pickford

The bell at St John's, New Brunswick

William Crofts portrait

Armitage treble bell
Armitage second bell
Armitage tenor bell
The list of Joseph Smiths bells

The PW founders badge

An article on Naylor Vickers by the Reverend David Cawley